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John Julian Leavitt

John Julian LeavittJohn Julian Leavitt was born October 4, 1862 in Ogden, Utah. He died October 29,1917 in Ogden and was buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. His father was John Quincy Leavitt from Compton, Canada. His mother was Malinda Minion .

John Married Anna Iiaria Magdalene World. She was born in New York April 6,1861. She died in Ogden August 19, 1936 and is buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

John Julian and Anna World were Married November 18, 1880 at Salt Lake City, Utah by President Daniel H Wells. Witnessed by Judge Elias Smith. We are descendants of "Deacon" John Leavitt who came from England and settled in Hingham, Mass. John Julian is the eighth generation of Leavitts in America.

Children of John Julian and Anna World Leavitt:

John Caleb - died at birth
Julian B.
Ida Lucille - died at age 7
Hazel Cynthia
James Q.
Clarence W.
Lester J.
Harold L.
John M.

The first five children were born in Salt Lake City and the other four were born in Ogden, Utah.

John Julian went into the canning business with Pierce in 1904. In 1905 he went into business with Alex Brewer and the West Weber Canning company was built in 1905. He was superintendent of the company and held stock in it. Then Alex Brewer and the West Weber Canning Company sold out to Jake Parker of Wasatch Canning Company and John Julian was superintendent there. John Julian built the first foundry and machine shop in Ogden. Sold out to the Ogden Iron Works in 1915.

He was a master mechanic and his services were in demand where big machines were used. Some of his sons inherited this talent from their father. I can remember my mother telling me that we lived with Grandma and Grandpa Leavitt in West Weber when I was a baby. They had a cow (and must have had some sort of farm) and mother couldn't find a suitable food for me so we moved in and I was supplied with cow's milk. How long we lived there I do not know.

John Julian was a large man, not fat, but tall, over 6 feet and very Handsome. The same dark eyes and black hair seem to have been inherited by many of the Leavitts. Grandma was tiny very petite and dainty. They raised 7 boys and 1 girl. Grandpa left stock in the canning business to his sons, but my father Julian B. sold his share and went into carpentry. James Q., Lester and John remained in the business. James Q. was an inventor and invented machinery and cans for the American Can Company. He became very prosperous and moved to the state of Washington. Lester became one of the best and most highly recognized processors in the canning business.' John moved to California and became a broker for several large and well known companies, such as Del Monte, etc.

John Julian suffered a massive stroke and died suddenly at the age of 57. He did not leave a will but the sons signed a quit claim deed – their share of stock in the canning company, for Grandma to live on. I was very young when Grandpa died, so this is all the information I have been able to assemble at this time.

Ardelle Moyes Leavitt Forsberg Daughter of Julian B. and Elizabeth 'Tracy Moyes


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