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Leavitt Family History Favorite Web Page Links

Western Association of Leavitt Families

This is an excellent website for the Leavitt Families that have moved to the Western Part of the U.S. and starts with the Fifth Generation of Deacon John Leavitt, who is our first ancestor to come to the U.S. It includes all descendants of Jeremiah Leavitt I and Sarah Shannon.

Facebook Site:

National Association of Leavitt Families, Inc.

This is the National Website for the Leavitt Families descendants of John (Deacon) Leavitt of Hingham, MA and Thomas Leavitt of Hampton, MA. the first Leavitt's to reach America.

John Leavitt Family History

This is the history of the John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Family a Sixth Generation of Deacon John Leavitt.

Along the Trail, A History of the John Leavitt and Lucy Rowell Family

This is the most accurate account of the John and Lucy Leavitt family, parents of John Quincy Leavitt, written by two great great granddaughters Joyce Brown- Willis and Janice Brown - Hollingshaus.


Deacon John Leavitt Story

This is a fictional story about Deacon John Leavitt, the first member of our family to reach America, based on facts written by John Michael Leavitt 10th generation.

Relationship Chart by Family Tree Magazine showing how you relate to other Leavitt family members

Christopher Levett of York's Book

This link includes the entire text of Christopher Levett's book "A Voyage into New England, Begun in 1623 and Ended in 1624" plus additional information. Christopher Levett is the uncle of Deacon John Leavitt.


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