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Mary Lovet

Mary Lovet was born in the year 1617 in Plymouth, Devanshire, England. There is no evidence of her ancestory but it is believed that she lived in Salem. There is evidence there was a Lovet family that lived in Salem in 1630.

It is possible that Lovet is not her last name and that name really referred to her married name to John Leavitt.

In 1635 or 36 John Deacon Leavitt married Mary Lovet. Over the next 9 years John and Mary had five children:

John Leavitt born 19 Jul 1637

Hanna Leavitt born 7 Apr 1639 and died 23 Apr 1662

Samuel Leavitt born 7 Apr 1641 and died 6 Aug 1707

Elizabeth Leavitt born 28 Apr 1644 and died 4 February 1688

Jeremiah Leavitt born 1 Mar 1646 and died befor 1689

All children lived to maturity and all except Jeremiah married and had children.

Mary Lovet died on 4 July 1646.



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