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Gerald Ward Leavitt

Gerald Ward Leavitt About 1956

Gerald Ward Leavitt was born January 4, 1896 the first son of John William Leavitt and Jane Ollerton Leavitt.

It is a family story that Gerald was the first born male baby born in the state of Utah. He was born the same day Utah became a state.

Gerald fought in the First World Was I believe in France.

He married May McClellan Leavitt on 16 Jul 1927 in Salt Lake City, UT. Aunt May worked for Z.C.M.I. department store. She worked in the office and I think she was one of the book keepers. May died 17 Feb 1962 of a stroke or heart attack.

I remember Uncle Gerald and Aunt Mae. We went with them on many fishing trips to Jackson Hole, Pinedale WY and Island Park ID. They were always a lot of fun and I enjoyed talking to them and being with them.

Uncle Gerald worked as an engineer on the Union Pacific Railroad. I believe at the time he died he was the most senior engineer on the Union Packif Railroad.

Gerald died in his home from a heart attack on June 6, 1962.


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