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Lynnette Mathilda Young Leavitt

Lynnette Mathilda Young LeavittLynnette Mathilda Young was born on October 6, 1912, the third daughter of Bryant Lynn Young and Edith Haslem, in Salt Lake City Utah.  She came from a family of 13 children.  3 of her siblings died within the first year of their life.

Her father worked for the city of Salt Lake his whole life as far as I am aware. As far as I know they lived in various rented houses in the Salt lake area and never owned their own home.  Lynnette grew up helping out in the housework and helping to raise her younger siblings.  According to my Aunt Donna Lynnette quit school to help raise her since Grandma Young had health problems after Donna birth which made it difficult for grandma to provide for Aunt Donna.

Donna felt that Lynnette was like a second mother to her and remained close to her the rest of their lives.

In 1936 Lynnette met her future husband Lyman Ollerton Leavitt, through her sister Helen Wade’s Husband Joe Wade.  Lynnette was helping Helen with her new baby when Lyman Leavitt , one of Joe’s friend came to visit.  Lyman had just been released  from the Navy.  It is not known if this meeting was pre arranged by Helen and Joe or not.  Either way they became a couple and were married on November 25, 1939.

They have been a beautiful couple, each caring and showing love and respect to each other. Lynnette has commented on what an easy going person Lyman is. He is easily pleased -easy to get along with, a very kind and gentle person, a good husband!

Lyman and Lynnette had three children: Gary Lyman, John Michael (Mike) and Lynne Anne . As a family they shared many happy years on fishing and boating trips. Often they would go to Jackson Hole three times a summer and Pinedale Wyoming and Island Park, Idaho. It became a tradition to visit these places in the summer when the children were home. The family would usually be accompanied by one of Lyman's brothers Dean and Gerald or close friends on these summer trips. They most always took a boat and camped out in tents and trailers a lot of the time. Lyman loves to run rivers in rubber boats and many family outings included a float down the river to get to that special fishing hole.

Later Lyman and Lynnette purchased some land in Manila, Utah and put a house trailer and built a garage on the property.  Uncle Dean and Aunt Lucille purchase the lot next to them and did the same.  This was very close to Flaming Gorge Reservoir where they boated and fished.  This became their vacation home the rest of their lives.

I remember mom as a very kind person who was easy to talk to. When ever we need help or wanted to do something we always asked her and if it needed dad’s approval she ran interference for us.  She led by example and disciplined us very little.  She had a great sense of humor and when we were with our friend at parties it always seemed to be at our house.  I remember the times my friend use to come over to our house for Bridge parties and if we were ever short a player my mother would sit in. 

About 1997 Lynnette suffered a serious stroke and never recovered. She was in a nursing home for the last three years of her life. Lyman faithfully visited her everyday staying with her during her lunch. Lynnette died on December 26, 1999.

She will be remembered as a loving mother and loved by everyone who had contact with her.  We miss her and love her very much.


Written by her son Mike Leavitt

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